Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Who else wants lower returns for clothes?

Newly launched MyShape.com claims to have half the return rate of the average fashion retailer. The secret? Only showing clothes that both fit AND suit your body shape. The site asks women for their measurements and style preferences. This allows MyShape to present clothes chosen specifically for a shopper's shape, size and lifestyle.

Getting sizing right is rare. My wife found the Boden website very hard going when searching for sale items because she had to open every product page to see if her size was still in stock. In the end she just gave up. A 'filter by size' function would have made her experience much better.

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Lysander Meath Baker said...

It turns out that Boden does have a kind of 'filter by size' feature. They have cunningly hidden it behind a single link called 'my sizes' but it does ensure that only items in stock in the selcted sizes show up in search results.