Friday, September 28, 2007

Why you need to have an "open brand"

Kelly Mooney, a thoughtful analyst of marketing trends, has identified and named the "open brand" as a crucial strategy for success. The concept - set out in detail on her microsite - refers to the idea that the brand leaders of tomorrow will embrace dialogue with consumers enabled by the internet, and move away from old ideas of controlling a brand.

Fascinating stuff. What are the implications for your brand?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Amazon launch widget

Amazon have launched a range of 16 widgets that can be added to any website. Sales made via clicks on a widget earn the site owner up to 10% commission.

We think: This development is yet another pointer to the future of selling online - etailers will increasingly use tiny elements on other sites (ie widgets) to drive traffic into the buying process on the etailer's own site.

Friday, September 07, 2007

"Spoiled shoppers" expect cross-channel integration

A survey of 5,000 US shoppers provides numbers to support the feeling that modern shoppers expect a high level of integration between retail channels.

For example;
* 57% want to be able to return or exchange at a store items bought online or by telephone
* 65% want to be able to change or cancel orders in a different channel to the one used to place the order

Full integration is tough, but retailers can no longer afford to duck the issue. I'm looking forward to the day when all retailers' websites allow me to search for which local store has stock of the product I want.

Print still alive and kicking

A survey of US 'millennials' (13-24 year olds) by the Harrison Group for Deloitte has found that despite their massive use of new media, the millennial generation still enjoy reading magazines and watching TV.

This comes as no surprise: reading print is still easier than reading a screen. The lesson is that a business strategy needs to combine all possible channels, including print.

Ofcom: over-50s are quarter of web users

Ofcom's 2007 report into the UK communications market has plenty of stats to chew on. What struck me were the figures on 'silver surfers' - the over-50s comprise a quarter of web users and account for 30% of all time online. 16% of over-65s use the internet.

It is time to lay to rest the myth that only businesses with younger customers need a web strategy!