Thursday, August 09, 2007

Large study proves online advertising increases offline sales

US web behaviour monitor ComScore & search engine Yahoo! have released the results of a large scale study that demonstrates the link between online advertising and buying in stores. 175,000 consumers were tracked over 9 months, with some being exposed to online advertising from the five brands in the study.

The results were conclusive. Store sales were an average 41% higher for the consumers who'd seen both display and search ads for the tracked brands. For every incremental $1 spent online, $6 was spent in a store. The group exposed to online advertising looked at an average of six more pages while researching online compared to the group that didn't see the ads.

What does this mean? It shows that brands must operate both on- and offline to maximise the effectiveness of their promotional spend. And that consumers are using the web to "pre-shop" so even if you don't think you will sell much online, you still need a website (and online ads to drive traffic to the that site) to catch these researchers.

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