Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Waitrose capturing market share online

According to a report by Lightspeed Research, Waitrose has 14% of the online grocery market yet only 2% of the offline grocery market.

This shows how important it is to look at market share. Anyone looking at turnover would think that Tesco was doing pretty well online, but the figures show that Waitrose is punching above its weight on the Internet.

Action: Look at how your site compares to your competitors. If you're not better than them you're probably losing customers.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the reason in the difference between M&S’s online and offline sales is due to the lack of online competition in the grocery market.
Retailers such as Iceland, Coop and Lidl does not even offer online grocery shopping, however they have a large presence on the high street. Therefore with less competition online, M&S should no doubt expect a higher online market share.