Friday, December 15, 2006

US catalogue industry: 44% of direct sales via web in 2006

According to the 2006 Multichannel Marketing in the Catalog Industry Report by the US Direct Marketing Association, US catalogue merchants expect to get 44% of their 2006 direct sales via the web, up from 39% in 2005 and 38% in 2004.

But don't think that this means that print is dead - far from it! The same report shows that although respondents estimated that 40% of web sales were incremental, 74% of respondents considered their catalogue to be the primary sales vehicle.

As Digivate has consistently argued for the last 10 years, all channels have role to play. The trick is to focus each channel on what it does best, and to consider each new channel's strengths and weaknesses before deciding how to exploit it.

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