Tuesday, November 14, 2006

1 week's matchback increases email response by 40%

A recent promotional email for a client proved the importance of matchback analysis.

7 days sales from visitors who had clicked on links in the email provided a conversion rate of 1.35% - but by looking at the email addresses of orders placed by customers who had navigated directly to the website added an extra 0.54% of conversion. The analysis was unable to include those customers who ordered over the telephone, and ended only 7 days after the email went out, so the real figure for the sales generated by the email campaign was probably even higher.

The average turnover from the one email campaign was £3.12 per email address on the list (not just emails delivered). This gives some idea of the value of having a large email address file!

Lysander Meath Baker
Digivate - Ecommerce website design and online marketing

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