Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Consumer generated videos boost sales

ShopWiki, a US comparison shopping engine, started a campaign to add user-created product videos to product pages in July this year (2006). Kicked off with an offer of $50 (about £26 at today's exchange rates) for the first 500 videos submitted, ShopWiki is considering extending the offer to all videos. There aren't any figures for the effect on sales of the videos but ShopWiki makes its money from accepting Google ads so can't measure sales.

Not all products are enhanced by the addition of video, but for some it could be a godsend - take a look at the latest Tickle Me Elmo ( - I'm sure you'll agree that this will help you decide whether you want one in your house...

Action: If creating your own videos seems too daunting & expensive then why not copy ShopWiki and simply offer your customers cash or vouchers for uploading theirs? The results might be uneven but they'll have an authenticity you can't match for a cost that can't be bettered.

Lysander Meath Baker

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